Humans are the Strongest Ch.8

Chapter 8: Let’s Strengthen My Cute Followers

Judging from the conclusion, today’s results were splendid.

Originally the elves lived inside of forests and as a race they excel at hunting skills.
Due to Lia’s hard work we were able to obtain wild grasses, mushrooms, and fruits in addition to the guinea fowl.
When we returned to the cave, we put the fowl on a fire in front of the cave and grilled it.

「Yup…..this is delicious!」

The skin is crisp and the meat is juicy!
It is only seasoned with salt, but contrary to what you might think it only serves to bring out the delicious flavor of the meat itself!

「It’s wonderful that you like it above all Master. There is still a lot of food left so please eat to your heart’s content.」
「Thank you Lia.」

I’m deeply moved that I get to eat a beautiful elf’s home cooking in the morning.
I was encouraged by Lia to keep on eating, bird after bird.

「By the way Lia, it might sound strange to ask but, why couldn’t I use magic in my previous world? In my previous world, namely Earth, there were about 7 billion people around the world……however I’ve never heard of a single one that was able to actually use magic.」
「…….certainly that’s quite strange. Magic power is the source of all life and energy. I can’t even begin to imagine a world where magic doesn’t exist.」

Lia thought for a while then nodded her head 「Hmmm」.

「This is just a hypothesis but….perhaps either the Earth itself or a star nearby most likely was composed of, in part or in whole, dark matter right?」
(TN: They say dark matter in Japanese then in English so I eliminated the repetition)

「……..dark…..dark matter?」
「Indeed, dark matter has the effect of absorbing magic and invalidating it. There is some dark matter even within our world but it is in very minute amounts.」
「I see.」

If that’s the case then the inability to use magic on Earth is starting to make sense.
In the first place……I can’t even confirm or deny this claim anyways.

「Haaaaaa…….That was great…..」

After eating I was taking a little rest.
I was lying on the bed reveling in the aftertaste of my meal.
Well, I guess I did eat a little too much.
I just want to get a cold drink of water and lie down.

「Alright, Lime let’s go take a walk.」

I decided to take Lime for a walk and allowed it to take on the role of my bodyguard.
It appears that there are more dangerous monsters in the forest than a slime.

In addition to guarding me, Lime is entrusted with the duty of picking up all the “holy relics” that drop off of my body as I walk.
Truthfully I want the beautiful Lia to come with me just because, but it’s kinda pathetic to ask her to come with just for a drink of water.

「Please wait!」

As I was leaving Lia called out to me.

「There is something that I would truly like to request……if it pleases you…..would you please bestow one of your holy relics to me Master?」
「Hm? What’s this all of a sudden?」
「Today I truly felt the difference between us. I, as Master’s follower, am greatly insufficient and weak…..I would like Master’s help to use your holy relics to help build up my strength please.」

Maybe I was depending on Lime a little too much…

Seeing me relying on Lime might have caused Lia to have some unpleasant or complicated feelings.

「I got it. Then would something like yesterday’s indirect kiss be alright?」

It’s embarrassing to say this, but these are the circumstances and I can’t be too easygoing with this request.
Because strengthening my comrades is a matter of life and death for me.

「No….umm….if possible I’d like it if I could get it directly from Master’s lips….」
「Yes, that way the magic power assimilation will most likely be a lot more efficient. Of course I won’t force you to do so. It depends on….what Master wants. I won’t force master to kiss me and will accept your decision.」

It can’t be……seriously!? Really!?
I never thought I’d get the chance to kiss such a cute girl in my life!

「If Lia doesn’t mind then it’s completely O.K.」

When I easily accepted, a smile like a flower blooming sprung up on Lia’s face.
Don’t misunderstand me ok!?
This is just to help Lia’s magic power level up, and I’m just responding to her expectations ok!?

There’s no other reason……..that’s the only reason ok? OK!?

「Well then……please excuse me….」

She sat down next to me and gently approached my face.

I….I can’t believe this.
I am, right now at this moment, right here right now, about to kiss such a cute girl!?

I shake for a bit and Lia presses her lips to mine without hesitation.

I say kiss, but it’s completely different from the greeting kiss in foreign dramas and worlds apart from the light kiss between family members.
It’s a passionate kiss that exchanges saliva.


Though I gotta say, isn’t this a little too aggressive of a kiss!?

It’s like an animal indulging in delicious food.
Persistent. Diligent.

Our tongues entwine.

I’ve never seen such an intense kiss you know!?
My front teeth, my molars, my tongue, my gums, and even slightly my throat…..
Not a single place in my mouth was left un-licked as her tongue danced inside of my mouth.

「Amazing! Master!…….It’s delicious! More…..and more…..power is flowing into me!」

There’s some chance that the Human race’s saliva acts something like an aphrodisiac.
For some time, Lia’s facial expression has been strange.

Her face is blushing, her eyes are round and somehow vacant and her pupils are dilated.
Her expression has become loose and a little erotic and her usual dignified aura is nowhere to be seen.

Since it’s come to this, let’s do as you please!

I prepared myself, opened my teeth further and let Lia’s tongue move as it pleased.


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