Humans are the Strongest Ch.9

Chapter 9: Turmoil in the Capital

Meanwhile, around 20 Kilometers away from the hideout at the royal capital Misgard.

An explosion whose origins were unknown destroyed the moon, as such the royal capital fell into an unprecedented state of panic.

「Eeeii! At such an important time the second investigative force still hasn’t come back?!」

In the royal capital’s temple there is a man with a vein pulsing in his forehead, scolding his subordinate.
It is the Knight Captain Kazul.

The responsibility of dealing with the aftermath of the moon’s destruction was single-handedly pushed onto Kazul.

The residents had started to blame this event on 「a Demonic Uprising」 and had caused unnecessary panic.

At any rate, Kazul’s highest priority at the moment was to conduct the investigation into the cause of the moon’s destruction.

「Knight Captain, I have just returned!」

Inside the temple a young woman’s voice echoed.

On closer inspection the voice belonged to a girl named Rosetta whose body seemed disproportionate with her longsword.
Among the younger generation of the 「Newman」 race, Rosetta was one of the most superb and well balanced of them all, she was given the position of ‘Ace’ in the Knight corps at a young age.

「Oh! It’s Rosetta! It’s good that you’ve returned! Tell me, how were the results of the investigation!?」

Kazul thought that the cause of the moon’s destruction was some new ancient ruins that had been found.
The ancient ruins of the Human race have been known to contain technologically advanced things and weaponry.

They are called Regalia once they are discovered. They will be treated as a treasure and placed inside the treasury of the country who found them.

If they were able to find out what kind of Regalia was used in the destruction of the moon, then they would have to use whatever means necessary to obtain it.

If such a thing was put in the hands of another country……then the entire world’s state of affairs would be overturned in an instant.

「First look at this please. This is the item that we have found through this exploration.」

Kazul opened his eyes wide in surprise at the item that Rosetta took out.

「This is……..this is hair? Is this a Holy Relic by any chance?」

It is well known that a Holy Relic has a great amount of magic stored within it. The nature of Kazul’s job leads him to handle Holy Relics regularly, but until now he has never seen a relic with as much power as this one.

「How strange……it looks like this relic has at least 10 times more magic… even more than 10 times the magic as the previous one!?」
「That is natural. The previous relic was from someone 10,000 years ago….this one is from a Human that lives in the present age!」

These words shocked Kazul as nothing had ever before.

「Are you saying that there is a member of the Human race alive right now!?」
「I don’t know, we haven’t gotten that far yet……However, if you think of it like that then don’t you think that they may be the cause of the moon’s destruction?」
「Y…yes, certainly…」

Long, long ago, the Human race fell into ruin due to their overwhelming power.
Due to their fights among each other, the land was scorched to dust and the geography transformed, they naturally declined.
After the extinction of the Human race the Beast, Elf, and Newman races’ civilizations were born and continued until this day.

「Knight Captain, about the exploration of the ruins…..would it be possible for you to continue to leave it in my hands?」
「Hmmm… However, today was supposed to be the deadline for the exploration, was it not?」
「Yes. Nevertheless, I have some personal concerns with this…..I don’t need any subordinates. May I have one month’s time?」

Seeing Rosetta’s earnest gaze, Kazul sighed deep inside.
Kazul understood from his experiences with Rosetta, that once she’d made up her mind about something then she would be obstinate and refuse to bend.

「I understand. For one month do as you please.」
「Hah! Thank you very much!」

After bowing, Rosetta marched quickly out of the temple.

(Please wait a little while for me Onee-sama!)

The first exploration and research team led by Lia was assumed to have been annihilated.

However, they were unable to find Lia’s corpse inside of the ruins.

Lia is the person who Rosetta respects most in this world.

It was only through Lia’s guidance that Rosetta, a spoiled daughter who was born into a good family, could reach her current position.

Lia is nobler than anyone, there’s no way such a strong and noble person would be dead.

It’s possible that she was injured while exploring the ruins and was off somewhere healing her wounds.
(I will absolutely find you!)

Strengthening her resolve, Rosetta began her search in the area around the ruins.


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