Kuro no Shoukanshi (WN)

Illustration: LN Vol 1 Cover

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Alternative Titles: 黒の召喚士 ~戦闘狂の成り上がり~, Black Summoner, Black Summoner ~A combat maniac’s ascension~, Kuro no Shoukan Samurai

Author: Mayoi Tofu

Current Status: 4 web novel volumes (ongoing)

Translation Status: up to ch 16 on various sites (last update: Mar 7, 2016)

Novel Status (On this blog): Potential New Project

Tags: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Romance, Seinen, Amnesia, Angels, Strong Male Lead, Summoning

Summary (from Wuhugm’s animetsuki forum post): Celvin found himself within a forest, without memories. Thankfully an interactive menu appeared in front of him explaining what had happened. According to Menu-san, He was a japanese who died because of God’s mistake then reincarnated in isekai with cheat. In order for more cheats, like S-class Summoning, he exchanged his memories for them. One of those cheats is to have the Goddess of Reincarnation Melfina to be his subordinate, and yes Menu-san turns out to be the Goddess. But his initial MP wasn’t sufficient to materialize her, so in order to raise his status from that moment on Celvin started his journey as battle junkie.