Netooku Otoko no Tanoshii Isekai Boueki

Illustration: Vol.1 Cover


Alternative Titles: ネトオク男の楽しい異世界貿易/The Amusing Other World Trading of Net Auction Guy

Author: Hoshizaki Kon

Current Status: 5 Light Novel Volumes (Ongoing); 133 Web Novel Chapters (Ongoing)

Translation Status: None

Novel Status (On this blog): Teaser

Tags: Slave, Elf Maniac, Harem, Money Cheat, Trade, Perverted Main Protagonist, Another World Transportation, Fantasy, Neet.

Summary (From Animesuki by Wuhugm): As the first experiment he sold his own creations, some stainless steel knives, and got a whopping 10 Gold Coins. He brought the gold coins back and sold a coin, which turned out to be 24 carat, for more than 150k Yen! Dropping his dumb ideas such as to sell the passage to Other World to other NEETs or selling the mirror itself, he decided to continue this cheat business. The first step is to hire a bodyguard to protect his wimpy ass… then destinies happened and he got a High Elf Slave and a Tark Slave instead…. The slaves were more trouble than helpful, but the MC didn’t mind since he is a super elf maniac!