Recruitment for MTL (Machine Translators)

Have you ever wished to see your favorite novel get a translation, but couldn’t because nobody would be interested in picking it? 🙁

Have you always voted for your favorite novel to get translated, only to end up disappointed, as it failed to win the poll? 🙁

You love anything that’s Japanese-related, like Anime,  Manga & Novels, are more or less familiar with Japanese culture and its people’s language, but can’t utilize your passion and knowledge? 😢

Why not take matters into your own hand and join Hachi & his team? 😀

What we need from you is:

  • Be ardent and familiar with the Japanese culture.
  • Be motivated and prolific when translating (especially important, if you aren’t quite proficient in Japanese.)
  • Have experience with CAT tools, such as Translator Aggregator, Atlas, JParser, Mecab.
  • Can grasp Japanese to some extend. (Preferable skill level is  N3, but a solid N4 will do as well.)

What you can gain in return is:

  • Experience as a translator.
  • Improve your language skills.
  • Combine your work and passion.
  • Recognition from readers.
  • Donations for your work (as a form of motivation. 😀 )
  • Meet new people.

We will provide you with anything you need, including raws, CAT tools, translator checkers, editors & proofreaders, and maybe more! You can gain so many with so little, so don’t hesitate in joining us! We won’t bite you! 😀

Also, the number of vacancies is limited, so better apply quickly.

Vacant places: temporary closed (Update 25/08/2016)


Just fill in the form below or contact me via email:


8 Responses to Recruitment for MTL (Machine Translators)

  1. Jvicich says:

    Sadly I don't know how to MTL

  2. Pau says:

    it's kinda interest me, but i don't think i've met the requirements...
    i don't know what japanese level i'm on.. 😀

  3. same here . many novel are not updating and m fed up waiting. but have zero Knw of how to use this tools.


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